Broady Health Sciences

Broady Health Sciences was formed in 2010 to parlay the exciting research on Ca2+ATPase and the use of jasmine flower extracts to optimize Ca2+ATPase levels to produce a product that people can use to make their lives better.

The result is Strength24.

Broady Health Sciences is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  Its founders include Dr. Lyle Wilson, Brunde Broady, and George Broady.  As a team, there is a great synergy between medical knowledge and treatment, medical research and analytics, and deep business and financial expertise.  These strengths ensure professional development, formulation, and production of Strength24 to the highest of standards.

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Broady Health Sciences, LLC

751 Canyon Drive, Suite 100

Coppell, Texas 75019


Toll Free: 800-444-3495

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The Product

Strength24 is an extraordinary dietary supplement that marries ancient wisdom with modern science to promote optimal cellular health.  Enzymes are proteins built by the body that dramatically increase the efficiency of chemical reactions in all cells in all systems. The ability to build these enzymes declines with age.

Strength24 stimulates the production of  Ca2+ATPase, an enzyme found in every cell in the body to restore and maintain cellular and systemic health.  This return to dynamic equilibrium leads to improvements in muscle performance and recovery, sleep, bladder function, inflammatory response, and more.*

Jasmine flower extracts have been used for centuries by people all over the world to restore and promote health.  Strength24 uses a naturally-sourced, concentrated and pharmaceutical grade form of this ingredient, combined in a proprietary formula with amino acids, the building blocks for proteins, to create a supplement that supports vibrant health. When cells are healthy, systems work better. And when all our systems work better, we thrive.*

The Team


Dr. Lyle Wilson:  President 

Dr. Wilson brings more than 30 years of experience in healthcare research, practice and education to the BHS team. With advanced and professional degrees in both Western and Oriental Natural Medicine, as well as undergraduate degrees in Biology and in Business, he provides solidly founded and broad-based expertise to our research, product development and management.


 Brunde Broady: CEO

After receiving her MBA from Yale University in 1994, Mrs. Broady worked as a financial analyst and private investor until 2000 at which point, due to her son’s medical condition, turned attention full time to medical research.  Her highly honed analytical skills, coupled with a burning desire for answers, led  her to  Ca2+ATPase  and its importance in many disease states, and subsequently to jasmine flower extracts as a means to increase Ca2+ATPase levels.


George Broady: Chairman 

Mr. Broady is a principal investor and director of several privately held companies in the fields of telecommunications and enterprise software applications.  They are: Kings III of America Inc., Message Technologies, Inc., and TimeLink International Corp.  Over a 30 year period, he founded and was Chairman/CEO of Network Security, Interactive Technologies, Inc. and Ultrak Inc., and brought each of them public on the NASDAQ. All three companies were involved in electronic security, including CCTV, wireless alarms and access control. Ultrak was a global leader in Enterprise Security Solutions with operations in 16 countries.  Mr. Broady has more recently focused his considerable talents on the development and delivery of high quality health products, domestically and internationally, through his investment and direction in Natural Health Trends Corp, and Broady Health Sciences, LLC.